What to Expect



  • You will fill out the consent form
  • Our staff will begin a new file and assessment form for you
  • We will ask you to bring your health card and list of medications as well as write down your medical history


  • Your feet will be assessed for structural abnormalities (bunions, flat foot, etc.), circulation, pulses, sensation (with a plastic fiber)
  • Skin will be assessed for intactness, dryness, and for any discoloration
  • Shoes are assessed for type of wear, age, and size of toe box

Nail Reduction

  • This is done using foot care instruments that were sterilized in an autoclave
  • We free up the nail edge with Black’s file
  • Nails are cut with nippers
  • Nail edges are filed with nail file or Dremmel until smooth

Work on Callouses and Corns

  • Corns are removed with Black’s file
  • Callouses are filed with a nail file or Dremmel

Foot Massage

  • A relaxing foot message with special attention to the pressure points on the foot


  • In case of nail or skin fungus treatments are recommended
  • If the client has warts, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, chronic pain, or other foot-related concerns, other treatments are suggested
  • New and better shoes may be recommended
  • Application of Uremol or another emollient with 10% urea may be suggested


  • Referrals will be made on as needed basis using the Referral form.
  • Each foot care session is documented in detail



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