Quality Foot Care for Those with Morton’s Neuroma

 If you are a fashion-minded woman ages 30 to 60, you are at a high risk of developing Morton’s Neuroma. This is a type of nerve pain that often occurs in the third intermetatarsal space (in the space where the 3rd and 4th toes join together) but can occur in other intermetatarsal spaces also. The frequency of Morton’s Neuroma is directly related to how one walks and by the anatomical structure of the foot. The pain is caused by a lesion or injury to one of the common digital (toe) nerves due to repeated trauma or compression, often when wearing high-heeled and narrow shoes. That’s why, this condition is more common in women. The pain is often worse when walking but can occur at rest. Another symptom is loss of sensation in the involved toes and affected toes may be splayed.

   The most effective initial treatment is, commonly, a Neuroma Pad placed in shoes with large enough toe-box. Make sure to wear footwear with deep and wide toe-box, low heels, and stiff soles. If a neuroma pad does not provide enough pain relief, use of professional orthotics is recommended. In extreme cases, Morton’s Neuroma can be treated with ultrasound or laser treatment.

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