Who Is a Foot Care Nurse and What Does a Foot Care Nurse Do?

A foot care nurse can be a Registered Nurse or a Registered Practical Nurse. She will assess the skin condition, hair distribution, and structure of your feet as well as your pulses and feeling with a monofilament to test the dermatomes. This confirms presence of adequate or inadequate circulation. The monofilament is used to check for neuropathy, a lack of feeling in the feet that could be an advanced sign of Diabetes. The nurse will also check what medications you are on and for what health conditions. History of surgery or injury to the feet, ankles, hips, and back is especially important because foot care must be tailored to support the feet as they are with all their health history. Of course, nails are cut, callouses are reduced, and corns are removed. However, a foot care nurse is not just there for the one-time visit, but someone who oversees the state of your feet and provides ongoing care, health teaching, and recommendations about self-care. If nail fungus or Athlete’s foot is present, the foot care nurse will let you know and explain which over-the-counter or home remedies can be used as long as it does not interact with what is prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. In summary, a foot care nurse knows what your feet have been through and how to optimize their health.

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