New Research on Treatment of Plantar Warts

Over the counter preparations that include Salycylic acid, dichloroacetic or trichloroacetic acids are most affective. But never put this preparation on intact skin. Use a piece of adhesive tape (ex. Leukoplast) and cut a hole in the middle for the wart to isolate it. Apply the preparation to the wart and cover with another piece of tape. Keep it there dry for one week. The wart can then be shaved down. The whole process can be done again on a weekly basis until the wart is gone. Cryotherapy, which is freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen, is also effective but must be done by the physician. If you have diabetes or peripheral vascular disease Do Not shave down (pare) the wart.


Easy Treatment for Warts


Try occlusion therapy. That means using duct tape to stick on the wart and just around it. TheĀ  wart will dry up and disappear. Only make sure that the skin around it is intact.

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